Cork Historical and Archaeological Society and upcoming lecture by marine archaeologist Dr Connie Kelleher

If you are interested in local history and archaeology, why not join Cork Historical and Archaeological Society? The Cork Historical and Archaeological Society was founded in 1891 at a particularly divisive time in Irish politics. Its members, drawn from diverse traditions, were united in a common interest in the history and prehistory of Cork and the new Society was welcomed as an augury of a more harmonious Ireland. For over 100 years scholars of many disciplines have contributed authoritative articles for publication in the Journal on a wide range of topics including archaeology, folklore, genealogy, geography, the Irish language and political, social and economic history.

The society is very active in promoting our local heritage and encourages new members to join. Such benefits of joining the society include; an annual journal, field-trips, lectures and events to name just a few.

Of special interest, is the upcoming lecture by maritime archaeologist Dr Connie Kelleher, of the Underwater Archaeology Unit with the National Monuments Service, entitled ‘Tracing the cultural landscape of illicit behaviour in southwest Ireland in the early the 17th century’. This takes place on March 7th 2018 at 8.00pm at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork. It is free of charge and all are welcome.

For more information about the society and to keep updated on news and events, visit: